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Our objective is to provide eye care practitioners information, education and support resources in the management of myopia.

We are dedicated to the concept of early diagnosis and management using leading-edge strategies focused on evidence-based clinical data.

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Increasing Prevalence

Myopia has become increasingly prevalent around the world in recent decades, resulting in a major health, social and economic burden. In fact, in 2010, myopia was estimated to be the main cause of distance visual impairment worldwide – and it is ranked as the second most common cause of blindness globally.¹ Read more…

The State of Myopia Today

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This video compilation from global leaders was filmed at the OSO Conference in Australia in 2018.

A Summary of Thoughts from Leaders from around the World:
  • Prof. Earl Smith, Researcher, University of Houston
  • Prof. Padmaja Sankaridurg, Researcher, Brien Holden Vision Institute
  • Dr. Nicola Anstice, Researcher, University of Canberra
  • Dr. Kate Gifford, Clinician-Scientist & Peer Educator
  • Dr. Sally Dillehay, Clinical Researcher & Optometrist

Installment 1 is a series of educational videos that discusses treatment of children in clinical practice and features insights from world leading researchers and clinicians.